Former co-American Idol judges and music icons, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj recently released their newest music videos on the same day. The beef between the two was no secret and it clearly hasn’t ended. During a radio promotion Mariah was asked about Nicki, and she answered “who” — Let me get this straight, she forgot “who” Nicki Minaj is, married the kid from Nickelodeon, and refers to her fans as “Lambs”. Someone call Harvard Med, excessive body glitter cause alzheimer’s.


Steve Wynn Slander Trial

Girls Gone Wild Conspiracy

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis claims billionaire Steve Wynn is trying to buy his bankrupt GGW porn company. Apparently Wynn’s plan is to fire the employees and dismantle the company because of a grudge. — When asked to comment further, Francis said, “I’d hate to live in a world with one less group of people preying on drunk, insecure, female spring breakers… So I’d like to announce my new venture, Girls Gone Really Wild!”


Tony Parker With Lavo Cocktail Girls-1



This weekend thousands of athletes, entertainers, and opportunistic women will gather in New Orleans for the NBA All-Star festivities (everyone knows you can’t spell titties without “star festivities”). — When New Orleans mayor was asked how things were going, he said, “GREAT, move over Thanksgiving, the final week of November is now National Paternity Suit week.” — A local attorney was asked about his thoughts, and he said, “We’re expecting a lot babies named Cinnamon Barkley and Kevin Corvette Hart Jr.”

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