It’s that time of year where the brightest NFL coaches, scouts, and general managers gather to watch the worlds most supreme athletes, run, jump, bend, and run some more. During this one workout a players entire draft stock can fluctuate drastically, netting them or costing them millions of dollars. Yes, if you’re familiar with the NFL you know that all of these kids also get a hand fed pro day, but nothing can move or secure your draft stock like running an impressive 40-yard dash, ie Jadaveon Clowney. Throwing a tight spiral can help billionaires forget they are about to invest millions on a spoiled child, ie Johnny Manziel.

This weeks sketch I sat down with myself, as I play future NFL star Terrance Fuller, I take you inside the NFL Combine player interview room. Please take a moment to watch some of the absurd questions asked to this fictitious future NFL prospect. What are some of the questions you would have asked an incoming NFL rookie? Please post your questions down in the comment section, and perhaps they’ll make the 2015 NFL Combine video.