The creators of this site consist of brothers, Tony and Jonny Tucker, and one of their best friends, Brian Chism. All three of them are from the economically, soul crushing state of Michigan. However, they didn’t meet until they relocated to Los Angeles. Together they total one and a half black guys and one and a half white guys – you do the math. One of them can grow a creepily thick beard, one of them is a fashionisto with golden pipes, and the other is the smartest person to ever score thirteen on their ACT. They all love whiskey and comedy, so they mixed the two together and started producing their own ideas.

For the better part of the last decade, they’ve spent their time displaying many creative productions across the board of entertainment. Jonny brings business acumen, Brian adds audio and video wizardry, and Tony has a laptop, wants to be a writer, and is dangerously close to living in a van down by the river. With their powers combined they plan to do far less impressive things for the world than Captain Planet, but nonetheless collaborate on side-splitting comedy.

They are looking to add to their modest comedy library. Currently, they are developing sketch comedy, webseries, short films, and even have a few feature film ideas sitting on the shelf collecting dust as they work their way from the bottom. They are always looking to join forces with people who love to collaborate creatively in the world of entertainment.


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