Esperanza – Short Film


These guys thought a two-year cell phone contract was bad until they faced a minimum 18-year commitment. Tommy (Jonny Tucker) and Brooks (Tony Tucker) are waiting on Pete (Robbie Noble) to drop a duce, when he bursts from the bathroom with bad news. Esperanza (Claudia Serven), the hooker they befriended on the sandy beaches of Mexico sent a Facebook DM saying she wants to find out which of the three is the father of her unborn child. With their wives/girl friend on the way back to the house Esperanza shows up unannounced. After freaking out, pointing fingers, and insulting each other, their other best friend Gavin (Kiri Stevens) shows up. They soon realize that Cancun is not Vegas, and what happens in Mexico can end up in LA. This group of friends bring back more than souvenirs from their Cancun vacation. They all suffer the most hilarious, horrifying experience of their lives as they wait to see which one of them may have impregnated the hooker they befriended south of the border. – This film is a compact version of the final act of a feature length screenplay.


Esperanza - Claudia Serven

Claudia Serven – Esperanza

Claudia was born and raised in a in a small town in Venezuela. She got a Degree in Human Resources at the prestigious Carabobo University, in Venezuela. But her passion was always art. From a young age, Claudia was attracted to dancing, modeling, acting and music. Claudia started studying dance when she was 10 years old, and was particularly attracted by the dances of the Middle East. From then until now she has been involved in numerous performances, events, internationals festivals, music videos, etc. In early 2010 she married Film Composer Sandro Morales, and they moved together to Los Angeles to develop their artistic careers. Since moving to the capital of entertainment, Claudia has developed a successful career as an actress, model and dancer. She represented Venezuela in the beauty pageant “The Most Beautiful Latina in the World 2010″, and she also belongs to one of the most important dance companies of LA. Claudia has been featured as the lead dancer and/or actress in over 10 music videos for the most important singers in the Middle East. She has also danced and acted in music videos for huge stars including Steven Tyler, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Taio Cruz and many others. She is the official image for “Laser Eye Center”, being featured on their newest commercials in Spanish for Latin America. Her first film role was as a Celebrity in God Bless America (2011).  She has also had small roles in some dramas and comedies in the last two years (I Do, Teacher of the year, Love or whatever…) Currently Claudia resides in Los Angeles, she’s taking acting classes to improve her skills further, keeps performing at various events, festivals, concerts, music videos and continues her modeling career.

Tony (Brooks) is the pleasantly plump gentlemen on the left, Jonny (Tommy) is the slender, model shaped stud on the right.

Tony (Brooks) is the pleasantly plump gentlemen on the left, Jonny (Tommy) is the slender, model shaped stud on the right.

Tony was born in Marquette, Mi and lived there until he was 19-years old. He played a lead in the 2006 short film, “The Pretty Boy Project”. He messed around and got a triple-double or two on some internet videos. In 2013, Tony plans to form a production company with his younger brother and friends. A comedy web-series, “Just In Case”, is in the infantile stages and plans to start shooting in the early part of 2013. Tony enjoys sports, his kids, middle-of-the-road whiskey, occasionally his wife, and cigarettes (although he told his mom he’d quit).

Jonny was born in West Palm Beach, Florida while a Christmas parade marched down the street welcoming him to the world. He was the youngest of 2 survived siblings, born to a beautiful, slightly unfortunate, but overwhelmingly lovely mother Susan Tucker. When Jonny was only 2 years old when his mother left their father and moved back to her native town of Marquette, Mi where Jonny grew up embracing the small town as much as he could . For most of his childhood and teen years he kept himself occupied with sports, music, rollerskating, girls and in the company of amazing friends. As he developed through grade school Jonny struggled to stay connected often missing more school than he actually attended but anyone who knew or knows Jonny understands that a small town with a shutdown roller rink could not distract him forever, he could feel it in his very core, he was destine for bigger things. Upon graduating a year early Jonny made a decision that changed his life forever, he convinced his Brother (Tony) and their best friend Ross to move to Cali! He would like to say the rest is history but after ten years of being in California Jonny has finally began to fully pursue his dreams of creating film and television. Jonny and his brother are forming a production company with a couple of their best friends and have began shooting what promises to be just the beginning of many great projects to come. So the history is still to be written but if he could predict the future he thinks the history will Kick Ass!
Robbie Noble - Pete

Robbie Noble – Pete

Robbie, from Oceanside CA, past work: Naked Dawn (funny or die), story of a few dogs, and a few commercials. I always looked up to people like Adam Sandler,  Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, and Chris Farley. They always made me laugh, and I have quoted them all my life. I would like to make movies like they have. To write and act in any comedic film with a bunch of good people around would be a dream come true. I like to surf, skateboard and write scripts with my friends. I also love to write music, and pole dance.

Jennifer Charlotte Frederick - Gloria

Jennifer Charlotte Frederick – Gloria

Jennifer has the girl-next-door sass of Amy Adams in The Fighter, the in-your-face self-invention of Ke$ha crossed with the multi-octave pipes of Patsy Cline, the stand by your man loyalty of Tammy Wynette, the on screen charisma and sex appeal of a young Ann Margret. Jenn began singing and writing songs with her gospel vocalist mother while growing up along the Central coast of California. Long walks along the beaches in Carmel, family dinners and food fights with her brothers inspired her to write about things as she experienced them. Jenn thinks of herself as a lyrical foodie: she finds words off the beaten path, weaves images visual images together that will make you laugh, and brings stories to life that will leave you remembering her infectious performing style. Her song “I Shoulda Been Blonde” hit the billboard charts and was tucked right up underneath Akon and Madonna as breakout artist. Jenn is an endearing comedic actor and that is what has drawn her to participate in improv at The Groundlings.  She is also writing and getting ready to shoot a new hilarious web-series in 2013.  Be prepared. Firecracker, quick witted, and everlasting charmer, Jennifer Frederick, will soon take over your tv channel by storm!

Liz Heathcoat - Leyla

Liz Heathcoat – Leyla

Liz grew up in Covina, CA where she spent 8 years of her life as a competitive gymnast. When a back injury halted her gymnastics career, Liz fell into the world of theatre. She has performed with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company as well as many other theatres around Los Angeles. She most recently completed a few short films that are to be released in 2013. Liz is also a dancer/choreographer with training in Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Waltz, Lindy Hop and Lyrical. Liz plays Leyla, the laid-back wife of Brooks in this offbeat comedy. When not acting or dancing, she can be found reading, laughing, knitting/crocheting, and enjoying wine and beer.

Mia Caporale - Annie

Mia Caporale – Annie

Mia grew up in Cincinnati, OH.  Her father, Michael Caporale, a local filmmaker, hired Mia to work behind the scenes in wardrobe support as a teenager.  As soon as she graduated high school she found herself following her family roots and finally in front of the camera in commercials and on-stage.   Earlier this year, Mia debuted in a film opposite John Savage and written by her father, “The Black Dove”.  Since then she has worked on several shorts due to come out later this year, including one for Mia plays Annie, a ditsy 20 something who is too love-sick to notice the possible indiscretions of her boyfriend in this offbeat comedy. When she’s not on set, Mia can be found studying trapeze, practicing yoga, oil painting or relaxing by the ocean.

Kiri Stevens - Gavin

Kiri Stevens – Gavin

Up & Coming young actor Kiri Stevens booked his first commercial when he was just 5 years old. He immediately got involved in every school production and began to study locally at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.  His parents supported him but wanted him to continue to focus on his education, in which he graduated top honors, earning full scholarships in high school and college by the age of 19.  He majored in Pre-Law and Theatre and after attending a major convention in Los Angeles that summer with his local agency, he garnered interest from managers and agents, realizing he needed to move to Hollywood.  As soon as Kiri arrived to LA, he booked a McDonalds commercial and a role on the television show “The Unit” and started to audition and continue to hone his craft with some of the best coaches in LA.  As difficult as it was to leave his family, his true passion was in entertainment.  Kiri has booked over 40 roles already in features, television, commercials, print and voice over.  His most recent booking is for a new pilot starring Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg.  His determination, laser beam focus and positive attitude continue to shine and with the support from his family and friends, he’s excited for what each day brings.  Keep up with Kiri Stevens on IMDB: and his web for all of the latest updates and contact information.  He has several projects slated to be released in 2013, including the horror thriller “Trapped” and a role in the documentary “Why am I so Fat?” where Kiri will be discussing his personal battle with obesity and his journey to losing over 250 pounds on his own through diet and exercise! He had such a blast working with the top notch cast and crew of “Esperanza” and hopes everyone enjoys it!!


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