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We’ve all had that horribly odd conversation about sex with an adult. Some parents are equip to handle it well and some aren’t. In this sketch, this particular father suffers from intimacy issues, but his wife reads a Facebook posts on her son’s page she insists that he sit down and have the “Sex Talk” with little Preston. This father starts with props and quickly escalates to substance abuse to deal with his uncomfortable feeling of talking about sex with his son.


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Bob Marley on New Music & Missing Marijuana

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Bob Marley is the next guest on Rock Stars Beyond The Grave. 12-year-old host, Dean Sinatra Davis is very excited to have the Reggae music legend on the show, but is very confused by his thick Jamaican accent. Marley immediately admits the thing he misses most about earth is his sweet Mary-Jane. Marley also discusses the sound of his new music that he makes for the many well-known Kennedy’s in the afterlife. Dean and Marley save the camera man Gabe after he collapses. Finally they share a memory about Dean’s dad. All of this and more in this action packed episode of Rock Stars Beyond The Grave.

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